Fii means in stock market

Fii means in stock market

Posted: Date: 09.07.2017

Definition of 'Fiis' - The Economic Times

A foreign institutional investor FII is an investor or investment fund registered in a country outside of the one in which it is investing. Institutional investors most notably include hedge fundsinsurance companies, pension funds and mutual funds. The term is used most commonly in India and refers to outside companies investing in the financial markets of India.

NSE - National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

An FII is any type of large investor who does business in a country other than the one in which the investment instrument is being purchased. In addition to the types of investors above, others include banks, large corporate buyers or representatives of large institutions.

The Stock Market Explained Simply: Finance and Investing Basics - Animated Film (1957)

All FIIs take a position in a foreign financial market on behalf of the home country in which they are registered. Countries with the highest volume of foreign institutional investments are those that have developing economies.

These types of economies provide investors with higher growth potential than in mature economies. This stock trading course in malaysia why these investors are most commonly found in India, all of which must register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India to participate in the market.

If, for example, a mutual fund in the United States fii means in stock market an investment opportunity in an Indian-based company, it can purchase the equity on the Indian public exchange and take a long position in a high-growth stock. This also benefits domestic private investors who may not be able to register with the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Instead, they can invest in the mutual fund and take part in the high growth potential. All FIIs are allowed to invest in India's primary and secondary capital markets only through the country's portfolio investment scheme PIS. This scheme allows FIIs to purchase shares and debentures of Indian companies on the normal public exchanges in Fii means in stock market. However, there are many regulations included in the scheme.

The Reserve Bank of India monitors daily compliance with these ceilings for all foreign institutional investments. Dictionary Term Of The Day.

Foreign Institutional Investor (FII)

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fii means in stock market

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